Acquiring ‘Me’ Time

Many a great huntsman has said at some point in their life that joy comes not from the kill, but from the thrill of the chase. The same can be applied to many different aspects of life, including relationships. Many man will confirm that the first time they lay their eyes on their partner, they became infatuated, and did everything in their power to try and win her affections.

Many of those people will now view their partner with slightly less wonder. While being deep in a long term relationships has its own benefits, it certainly lacks the initial fireworks experienced when two people get together for the first time.

While long term relationships certainly have their perks, they sap free time, and if you are the kind of guy who just wants to mess around with his friends every now and again, but have a particularly needy girlfriend, you might find the two interests clash.

Many guys, after finding the initial novelty of their girlfriend has worn off, struggle to find time for themselves. A relationship requires a lot of time, time that could be spent doing other things if you were single. But it should not be viewed as an either or case, as there are plenty of methods to secure yourself a good few hours without offending your partner.

We’ll start with the very best one. As she is female, it is a fair assumption to make that she will spending money. This is one activity she can happily do without you, meaning that you can have a few hours to drink beer or play golf or whatever it is you would do with free time. If you have some cash to spare, send her out to get something nice for herself. This method will work even better if she has been incessantly talking about some dress she saw at the shops or what an appalling condition her nails are in.

Another great method of securing yourself a few free hours is to ask your girlfriend how old friends she might not have seen in awhile are doing. She might not have seen a friend in a long time, and might begin to forget about them. All you need to do is remind her of her old school friend she has not seen in awhile and she will surely begin making plans to go and visit said friend, giving you a free day to do whatever you want with.

Of course, you could boycott the idea of long term relationships and see one of our gorgeous Wimbledon Escorts whenever it suits you instead, giving you all the free time you could imagine.