Are You Considering an Office Affair?

Office romances can be very exciting. Often starting with gazes held across the room, the taboo topic means that you have to sneak around in secret. This can be all very well, but could lead to trouble if you’re not careful…

The first thing you should do if you’re attracted to someone you work with is to check the regulations of your business and see if they have any rules about office relationships. The small print could forbid colleagues from engaging in romances. It’s dangerous to assume that you won’t get caught; the office gossip might be more observant than you give them credit for…

Decide first whether you’re genuinely attracted to them, or whether you’re just looking for a distraction from your mundane day. The secretary might be cute, but do you still fancy her when you have something exciting to do? Don’t take a risk unless they’re really worth it.

Don’t get carried away. The excitement of it all could make pure lust feel like love; if she gives you butterflies in your stomach, and makes your heart skip a beat every time she saunters past your desk. Evaluate your relationship and see it for what it is; just a bit if fun or the real thing? Assessing this will save you from any potential heartbreak and keep things realistic.

A difference in authority inside the work place could reflect onto your relationship outside of work. If she’s your PA, she might not be as enamoured with your bossy side outside the office, and if she’s your senior you could end up feeling emasculated by the imbalance in power. It may work really well, but bear in mind that this could backfire. Plus, if you start to have issues in your personal relationship, this could carry over into the boardroom and make things very awkward.

If you don’t know much about them before you turn your flirtation into a romance, do a little research. Does she have a reputation for dating guys from the office? Did any of them end badly? It might be worth knowing before you embark on anything, just so you know what to expect from it.

If the fling develops into a relationship, make sure that you still both have your own time and space. If you’re dating and seeing each other at work everyday, it can be a strain and make things move more quickly than you’d like. Keep things casual for as long as you can, and ensure you still make time for yourself and your friends.

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