Are You a One Woman Man?

Fidelity is considered one of the most important factors in a relationship. If someone is unfaithful, it often results in the couple breaking up, or at least seriously damaging the trust between them. Everyone is expected to settle down with one person, get married and live happily ever after – but with the divorce rate constantly on the rise, we’re starting to question whether it’s possible to be a one woman man?

In the past, divorce was not an acceptable option. Marriages were often arranged by parents, and whether you liked it or not this was how you were to live the rest of your life. It wasn’t questioned – the only times marriages ended was when one of the couple was widowed. It wasn’t until the 1950s that divorce became more common; it was still highly frowned upon, but women began to gain more independence and thinking for themselves.

Some argue that it is against human nature to settle down with just one person and never stray; they claim that men are genetically programmed to procreate and ‘spread their seed’. It’s a primal urge that does not require love or emotion involved to have sex; they are hard wired to sleep with different women in order to continue the growth of the human race. However, many women disagree with this theory; they believe it was created by man as an excuse for infidelity.

In the first stages of a relationship, you can become so wrapped up in each other that you don’t notice anyone else; the attractive women walking down the street simply pass you by when they’d normally leave your jaw on the floor. This stage doesn’t last forever though, for men or women. After the initial excitement fades, it’s natural to notice other attractive people. They don’t become less good looking just because you love someone else! Whether or not they admit it, men and women will always look at people other than their partner; they will probably fantasise about others and think about someone else when you have sex. This is just a natural part of life.

Men enjoy variety. They might have a stunning, slim blonde girlfriend who looks like a model, but does that mean he will never want to touch the curves of a dark Brazilian beauty again? This is the reason why London escorts are so popular; they fulfil the needs of men who always want more and hate missing out on the world beautiful selection of girls. You’ve heard women say “So many men, so little time”… the same goes for guys!