Are You a Serial Monogamist?

Narrowing it down, you can roughly divide types of men into three groups when it comes to relationships: players, eternal bachelors and serial monogamists. The players bounce from girl to girl, charming them, bedding them and dropping them. Eternal bachelors are hard for a woman to pin down – they’re more interested in making money and fancy gadgets. Serial monogamists love being in a relationship, and even if they get dumped, it won’t be long until they’re settled down again.

Every man needs a bit of female companionship every now and then, so we have clients who fall into all three categories at V London escorts. Sometimes our escorts meet gentlemen who relate most to the latter type – serial monogamists. Often, they have just come out of a long term relationship and don’t know who to turn to, and they are eager to find a new girlfriend. But is that really necessary? Have they spent any of their adult life alone, learning to be independent? If this sounds familiar to your own situation, you may want to read on.

If your wife or partner leaves you, it can be very painful. Two thirds to three quarters of divorces are filed for by women, illustrating that it is more often the woman who wants to break up. Many men make the mistake of jumping straight back in the saddle before they’re ready, often still filled with anger and anxiety. This will not lead to a healthy relationship, and could hinder your own recovery. Before becoming dependent on someone new, you need to learn to be comfortable with your own company.

It’s so easy to rely on a wife or girlfriend; we can talk to them about our problems and fears, which we might not do with mates. They look after us, plan our social calendars, keep the house clean and cook for us… so what do we do when they leave?

Not wanting to be alone is not a good enough reason to embark on a new relationship; it should be because you’re crazy about that girl in particular. If you’re out dating her but you still feel dread in the pit of your stomach, it’s probably too soon for you to move on. Instead of going out on the pull or letting your mates fix you up with their single female friends, why not concentrate on yourself for a while? Find a new hobby, or pursue an interest that is just yours. Learn to enjoy life again as a single person! If you get lonely during this time, you can always call on our escort girls for some no-strings company.