Avoiding Clichéd Chat Up Lines

If you have seen a beautiful women sat making eyes at you from the bar, you might be tempted to stroll over and drop your best one liner. You might think that while most one liners suck, this particular one you have prepared is golden, original, funny, suggestive but not too overbearing. But that was probably what the last three people thought of their chat up lines before this gorgeous woman rejected them. So much emphasis is placed upon the first words that come out of your mouth that you should do everything in your power to avoid clichéd beginners like one liners and such.

As this woman will form an instant opinion of you the second you have opened your mouth, do not place your faith in a one liner, no matter how amazing you think it is, because, if she is a beautiful woman sat at a bar, she will probably have heard them all before.

One liners are great in the sense that they absolve you from having to come up with something original, but a girl might look right through a guy who finds saying anything other than recycled one liners. So if you can’t use that one liner you have been saving for such a situation, what do you say?

Compliments are key. All women adore compliments, but they are also wary of guys who dish out too many, and they can detect an ulterior motive in seconds. So if you decide to approach her with a compliment, make sure you don’t lay it on too thick, or you might find yourself staring at an empty barstool. The perfect compliment sits snugly between nonchalance and adoration. Make it seem like you don’t give out many, but that this particular bag or pair of shoes just screamed out class, and you had to come over and say. Try to avoid complimenting her physicality, as this will say to her that you are after her body.

Another good way to start a conversation is finding some common ground between the two of you before you have even spoken. This may sound difficult, but a few minutes of observation should reveal something. Once again, avoid clichés like “Do you come here often?”, originality is key, as it gives a much more genuine feel than any overly recycled line ever could.

There are countless different ways to start a conversation, and the men who still decide to stick with the cheesy one liners should not be surprised at their soaring rate of failure. Use your brain a little, and the results will follow. You might even woo a London Escort!