Bad Girls

If you’ve ever watched the Stepford Wives, you’ll have an idea of what a large proportion of the male population look for in a lady; the looks of an angel, immaculate and demure dress sense, impeccable manners and great skills in the kitchen AND in the bedroom. Sound like your perfect woman? You’re not the only one.

However, countless men find themselves being drawn to bad girls, the type you might call trashy; you could turn your nose up at a punk rocker with tattoos and piercings, dyed hair and a motorbike between her legs, but find yourself having an erotic dream about her that night. Something about bad girls is so sexy, even if they’re not your type at all!

It might be because they look like they’re more up for something wild in the bedroom; if your wife of girlfriend are ladylike to the point of being prudish, you might not ever be able to indulge in a sexual fantasy with them at the risk of it sounding too filthy for her. But a dirty girl might let you do anything you want to her!

Fancying a girl who is the complete opposite to your usual ‘type’ may just be your rebellious side coming out. You’re stuck in the office Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. At weekends you have to take the kids out, do the DIY round the house and go to Salsa class with your Mrs. A bad girl is so different to your normal routine that it feels exciting and exhilarating, letting you escape from reality for a little while.

For some men this is exactly what they need to maintain their sanity. For others it’s just not worth risking the relationship you have with that nice woman – they themselves are a rare find. A prime example of this in recent news was Jesse James, the man who got rich working on motorcycles. He married Sandra Bullock, one of the most beautiful and graceful women in the world, and fathered her children. A very enviable lifestyle, don’t you think? However, he then cheated on Sandra with Michelle McGee, a ‘tattoo model’ otherwise known as “Bombshell”. She looks naughty and trashy, just the kind of girl you’d avoid on a dark night. But Jesse must have seen the appeal, perhaps for the reasons above!

What you need to remember is that looks can be deceiving. Take out London escort girls for example; they may look flawless and behave lady like, but behind closed doors they can be quite the minx!