Club Fishing

Flirting, fishing, going out on the pull, there are many different colloquial names men have for the act of finding single women. Indeed, it’s one of the favoured pastimes of the male gender, and many weekends of a man’s younger years will be spent at clubs or bars trying to pick chicks up.

But with lifestyles changing all the time, some might find it difficult to fit in their weekly fishing session, finding their week swamped by other commitments. Some might even actively boycott the act of going out on the pull, either because they have had little previous success, or because the whole idea seems does not appeal to them for some reason or other.

Say you arrive at a club and you set yourself a mission of reeling in some attractive girl. You effectively put the success or failure of your whole night in a delicate balance, and should you find yourself leaving the club with just the friends you came with, you might deem the entire night unsuccessful. However, had you not set yourself a goal the second you stepped through the doors, you might have had an excellent night.

Men meeting girls and vice versa is a huge part of club atmosphere, and a large reason why many people go. But it is not the sole form of entertainment at a club. A chance to have a few extortionately priced drinks with your friends, followed by a dance to some cheesy 90’s trance anthems is surely reason enough in itself to go clubbing.

Meeting a girl in a club after you have set yourself the goal of pulling will make your whole persona reek of desperation a little bit. But should you end up chatting to a girl after you have decided to take each club moment as it comes, you are sure to be more relaxed and capable of better conversation. Girls are far more reserved in the game of pulling, and if you seem more like a fellow club goer and less like a sexual predator who has just escaped a high security prison, it will certainly improve your chances.

It seems like a totally beneficial approach to take a club night as it comes, rather than pinning your hopes on something. The same applies to other aspects of clubbing. If you go to a club thinking that the night must be brilliant because it’s been so long since you’ve been out, you might be expecting too much of the night, and miss the enjoyable moments that pass you by.

Taking a night out moment by moment will make it all the more enjoyable, and might even help you in getting lucky with a chick you meet at the bar. Of course, you could do away with the worry by hiring one of our stunning Clapham Common Escorts for the evening instead.