Coping With Her PMT

Every adult man in the world knows about that dreaded ‘time of the month’ when a woman gets her period. PMT stands for ‘Pre Menstrual Tension’ (or PMS in the USA, pre menstrual syndrome). You might notice that a couple of days before her period start and sometimes during, she will experience some changes. PMT affects every woman differently; a third of women surveyed said that it’s significant enough to affect their life, and almost 10% suffer from it severely. The lucky ones barely notice any changes at all.

There are loads of symptoms of PMT, which can include being snappy and irritable, over emotional and more likely to cry, tiredness, lack of concentration and mood swings. Physically, she might be bloated, have headaches, gain weight or have sensitive or sore breasts. These things are real changes, not something that she makes up to get attention – do try to have a bit of sympathy. However, there are some times when it’s better just to stay out of her way!

Those of you who have a partner who suffers severely from PMT probably dread this time every month. Your sweet, loving woman can turn into a monster – a screaming banshee who turns completely irrational. The slightest thing can switch her mood, causing her to be grumpy, aggressive or sulky. There are a few things that you can do to avoid the worst, so take note.

A woman’s body temperature can rise by 10% at this time, so she’s likely to get hot and bothered. If she gets agitated in bed at night, give her some space and don’t pile the blanket on her. If she asks for a cuddle you should give her one, but she may kick you off if she’s too hot.

When you notice a bad mood coming on, don’t mention it or tease her – this kind of provocation will only unleash the dragon. The very worst thing you can do is ask her if she’s on her period; we can guarantee that this will only get you in trouble! If you value your testicles, hold your tongue and don’t rise to the bait if she’s jibing you.

Our escort girls avoid working at this time of the month because they don’t want to avoid ruining a client’s night with mood swings. They work hard to be the best social companions possible, so snapping and crying is not part of the package!