Creative Ways to Make Your Move

Initiating sex can be daunting for anyone, whether it’s with someone new or with a long term partner. There’s always that underlying fear of rejection, and if she last told you she’s not in the mood before, men are often too wounded to try again. If neither of you want to be the one to initiate sex (even when you both want it), your sex life could fizzle out and die right before your eyes.

It could just be that you need to stir things up a bit to reignite the passion. Your girlfriend will become familiar with the moves you use to initiate sex, and it’s no secret that women get bored easily. If you use the same routine every time, she may soon grow tired of it and your magic will no longer work on her. Here are a few creative ways you could get her in the mood!

Have a sleep over. Couples who live together probably spend a lot of time at home watching TV; conversation becomes redundant and it’s easy to become very detached in this kind of environment. Instead of letting the days drift by in this way, make a proper night of it. Prepare the living room or bedroom with blankets and cushions, some of her favourite nibbles and some sexy films. Make it feel like a teenage slumber party and you will both instantly be in a fun mood! As you’re watching the films, keep contact and begin with non sexual touches, slowly turning up the heat. The sex scenes on the screen will probably get your girl in the mood, so by the time you make your move she will be raring to go. You could even make the night even more exciting by playing some naughty games such as strip poker or dares.

In the early stages of a relationship, couples often take a bath or shower together. This is a delicious way to relax, and really lets you appreciate each other’s naked bodies. Lather her up and pay special attention to her curves, but don’t initiate sex just yet. Towel each other off and then offer her a sensual massage. It will remind you of the old days, and by the time you’re through she will be putty in your hands!

If you want to make your move on someone new, such as a gorgeous London escort, try taking her out dancing. Women always adore a man who is not afraid to dance, you don’t necessarily need to be skilled. Getting hot and sweaty, your bodies will be grinding up against each other as she presses into you, dressed up in something that makes her feel really sexy. It will make you proud to be with her when you notice all the other men eyeing her up too… she won’t be able to wait to take you home!