Dating Tips You Should Ignore

When it comes to relationships, everyone thinks that they know best. Just because they’ve had their heart broken before/been happily married for 10 years/have dated hundreds of people, they assume they’re the expert. Unfortunately, a lot of their advice won’t apply to you! Although we can’t predict what will work for you, there are a few common pieces of advice that are better avoided if you’re looking for love…

One of the main myths is love at first sight. Most people adore this romantic notion, but it’s just not realistic. If this were true, our London escorts would have scores of men in love with them! Of course, there can be a very strong mutual attraction at first sight, however this is lust, not love. To fall in love requires friendship, trust, accepting each other’s flaws and being able to live together in harmony. Some couples detest each other but still have a fierce passion for each other – enjoy this lust but don’t confuse it with something it’s not.

Anyone who’s read ‘The Rules’ or similar dating guides will think the most important thing is to play hard to get. This involves not calling someone for three days after a date, waiting to text them back, not looking too keen. You could actually make someone lose interest by behaving this way; both men and women love flattery, and if they’re genuinely keen on you they would like to know that the feeling’s mutual. Don’t bombard them with calls and texts so that they feel harassed, but return calls and let them know you’re interested. Otherwise someone more eager might snap them up!

You might think honesty is always the best policy, but this should be taken with a pinch of salt. Don’t ever tell lies deliberately, but don’t tell your girl everything on your mind. A classic example of this is if she asks whether or not she looks fat: unless you’re seriously concerned about her excessive weight gain, the answer should automatically be no. It’s not worth hurting her feelings, and she will resent you if you say anything other than no! If you have a bit of a crush on someone else but have no intention of pursuing it, keep it to yourself. As long as you’re telling the truth about the things that matter (like money or infidelity), this is healthy and normal.

For most situations, just follow your gut instinct. If you really like her, tell her. Nobody else knows how you feel!