Do You Drive Women Mad?

Women have a lot of habits that annoy us. They nag, try everything on in the shop before deciding on the first thing they tried, they take hours to get ready and they can talk for Britain. Unfortunately, not all ladies are as fun to be around as our £110 escorts! However, apparently we have habits that annoy women too. Sometimes, we think we’re being entertaining and interesting, when really we’re just getting on their nerves. Do any of these traits sound familiar?

Some guys are sports fanatics. Do you sleep, eat and breathe football? Maybe all other television programmes are put on hold during the Ashes, or every rugby game is followed by a detailed discussion with your mates. According to the ladies we’ve asked, this isn’t an endearing quality! A lot of women have no interest in sport. They don’t want to hear about that amazing goal, and they’d rather be watching Sex and the City when we monopolise the remote. On top of that, they have to come and support us when we play with a local team at the weekend, then hear a rundown about the moment you tackled Andy from the pub. This does not make them feel like WAGs, it just bores them. If you want to get in their good books, save the sports talk for your mates and let her share the remote 50/50 (apart from when the big games are on, of course).

We like to look at women. When a girl walks in with big boobs, blonde hair, a short skirt or a tight top, our eyes are naturally drawn in that direction. It almost seems rude not to look! This doesn’t go down too well with our other halves. It would seem that we’re not as discreet as we think we are, and it happens a lot more frequently than we realise. If it’s female, you take a quick glance. Just to check. Your girl just wants to be romanced a bit, so let her know that you only have eyes for her.

It doesn’t apply to all of us, but men tend to be a little bit more sloppy around the house than women. Leaving the washing up in the sink and our socks on the floor doesn’t hurt anyone, but it does infuriate the ladies. If you want to get lucky in your bachelor pad, we recommend changing your bedsheets every so often and investing in a dishwasher; it’ll score you points!