Do You Enjoy Oral Sex?

Although almost every man enjoys receiving oral sex, there is a real divide of opinions when it comes to giving it.

Some men absolutely love to go down on a woman. Just seeing the pleasure it gives her is enough to turn them on, but many men also enjoy the taste and the sensation. Others will flat refuse, or have tried it before and have been put off by a bad experience in the past.

Interestingly, a survey by ‘Size Matters’ revealed that only 10% of unmarried men have given oral sex, however 49% of married men have performed the act. That shows that intimacy is a very important factor for both parties and that it is much more likely to occur if you are completely comfortable with each other. Some people see this as even more intimate than sexual intercourse, and wouldn’t choose to go through with oral sex on the woman during a one night stand.

If you want to please your girl in this way but do not feel confident about your abilities, there are a couple of things you can try. Get your girl to make a ‘V’ with her index and middle finger, and hold it so that the point of the V is around her clitoris. If you keep your tongue inside the triangle this makes, you won’t go far wrong. Also, don’t be afraid to ask how she likes it. If your partner is interested in getting pleasure, she will be more than happy to cooperate. Gently prompt her by asking where she likes it, how soft or hard, whether she wants you to use your fingers or not. Some women very much enjoy being fingered during oral sex. Any London escort will tell you how much they enjoy it!

If you have had a bad experience in the past involving an unhygienic girl, it’s not surprising that you’ve been put off. However, the older you get, the more likely your partners are to be more sex wise. It’s very important to be clean and fresh when giving or receiving oral sex; it can be just as unpleasant for a woman to give you a blow job if you haven’t showered. If you are apprehensive, why not take a shower together? This can be a very sexy build up, and will ensure that you are both delicious for each other.

Oral sex can be a very important part of foreplay and sex play so don’t fret about your talents; just give it a go and bring your partner to a screaming orgasm!