Don’t Let Her Down in Bed

It’s a comforting thought to know that you’re a great lover. You’re convinced that you rock her world between the sheets and that makes you feel good – but what evidence do you have? Often, the sex is so explosive in the early days of a relationship that she’ll gush with compliments on your studliness, but as time goes by we can become lazy and her opinion could well change. A few months down the line you could find that your sex sessions only last 10 minutes, foreplay is almost non existent and the missionary position is all you do.

If you want to carry on being a great lover, you need to make an effort not to slip into that rut. Firstly, keep the variety in your sex life; this means mixing up the positions, the locations and the time of day. A lot of couples slip into a routine, such as sex every Thursday at 10pm, right after your favourite programme. Probably in bed with the lights off. Sound familiar? Surprise her with a quickie on a Saturday lunchtime, or by getting frisky on the dinner table. The change will keep a spark of excitement in your relationship.

Listen to her needs, whether they’re spoken out loud or not. Some girls are very vocal about the way they like it, and will direct you to go faster, slower, softer or harder. However, others are a but more shy about it. Be attentive and feel her body movements to check how she’s responding to what you’re doing; if her hands are pushing you gently, it might be a hint for you to move slightly or change positions making it more comfortable and pleasurable for her.

Remember that girls take longer to reach climax than men, so take it slow. If you feel yourself getting close when she’s not ready, exercise your self restraint and stop for a bit. Doing this will make your orgasm even better when you finally get there! Having spoken to our Hanwell escorts, we know that a considerate lover rates very highly in their book.

Two things that women find a turn off are a lack of self confidence, and over-enthusiasm. Even if you’ve managed to pull a girl who you think is way out of your league, keep your cool! Try not to act like a dog on heat, and don’t point out any areas that you feel insecure about. If you don’t mention it, she probably won’t notice it. Just relax and enjoy!