Don’t Put Her Off

If you really want to get lucky with a woman, you need to be careful not to scare her off. Many men wrongly assume that because women are more self confident and open about their sexuality these days, it means they are easy and will succumb to your advances straight away. However, this is not necessarily; although some may want to get laid just as much as you do and don’t mind jumping in the deep end, many still want you to behave like a gentleman. If you’re too forward, you could blow your chances.

One of the ways you might scare her off is verbally; if the date is going well and you think she fancies you, that doesn’t give you the green light to list all the filthy things you’d like to do to her (out loud). By voicing these desires, you could prevent them from ever becoming a reality! Whereas some ladies might laugh it off, others could become very uncomfortable, and some might even give you a slap. Tread carefully; talking dirty is something that both parties need to agree to beforehand, or something that progresses naturally in a relationship. Save your potty mouth for the lads and treat her like a lady.

Wandering hands are another way for your plan to backfire. Perhaps things are getting very flirty, and she has kissed you back. However, don’t let your hands get too eager during these first kisses; if they’re all over her breasts and arse, she could be put off. Instead, let her set the pace — wait for her to advance things, or take it slow enough that you’re sure she’s comfortable. If she’s shy and you do need to make the first moves, ask her “is this ok?” before you proceed.

Read her body language for signals when things start heating up. If she’s pushing her body into you and letting you have your way, great! However, if she keeps moving your hands to a safer area or pulling back from you, you need to respect that. Don’t keep putting hands back where she moved them from, or she is likely to get very annoyed or upset.

If you treat women with respect, you’re much more likely to get lucky with them. Girls like our London escorts really appreciate a bit of chivalry! Guys who push women into doing something they’re not ready for are unlikely to get a second chance with them, whereas if you let them go at their own pace, you’ll be rewarded for it over and over again.