Don’t Scare Her Off

When you’re trying to win over a woman, there are a few classic mistakes that men keep making. Because guys don’t talk about things like this as much as girls, the same errors have been made for years with nobody to point them out. Now you’re in luck; we’ve spoken to our escorts in West Brompton to find out what it is that really turns them off. Listen and learn!

Even if you’re good looking, confident and brilliant at pulling girls, you still might find it hard to keep a girl for more than a few weeks. This could be because you’re pressuring her for sex; if you really like her, let her know that it’s for more than her breasts. You should wait until she’s ready to have sex the first time; badgering her will not only annoy her but will also make her feel like you don’t value her as a person and just think of her as a sexual object. Unless she’s strictly religious, it’s likely that she’ll want it soon so just hold out and things will work in your favour. Also avoid giving her drunken booty calls within the first few weeks – she will not appreciate this.

You don’t want to just be ‘Mr Nice Guy’; although you might think that’s what women want, it can become boring very quickly. Girls like the thrill of the chase as much as guys do, so don’t always agree with her and do whatever she wants to do. It’s good to pay her compliments and make her feel good, but be careful not to come off as spineless or someone with no opinions of their own.

Although most women today like to think that they’re independent and can pay their own way, they still like to be treated by their potential boyfriends. If you ask her to pick up the bill within the first few weeks of dating, she will think that you are cheap or tight, and not a suitable provider. If she offers to go dutch then that’s great, but bear in mind that a woman is looking for a man who can support her in the future.

One thing that almost every woman hates is a man who is too jealous and possessive. She is perfectly entitled to have male friends, or to go out without calling you to check in every 5 minutes. If you trust her, put the envy to the back of your mind and distract yourself with your own friends or hobbies when she’s out. If you are constantly texting her or checking her Myspace and facebook pages for clues, she will back off very quickly.