Faking It

It’s a well known fact that women fake orgasms. In fact, in a recent survey carried out in the UK, 60% of women admitted to faking it! They’re shooting themselves in the foot really, because most guys love to satisfy a woman and would happily help her really climax; sometimes all it takes is a little direction or a joint effort to hit the jackpot.

It’s much less common for a man to fake an orgasm; we would have to hide the condom to make sure she didn’t see the lack of semen afterwards! Also, we don’t really see the point in faking it – why have sex if you don’t want to come?

Some women actually find it difficult to have an orgasm, and tragically there are still some girls out there who have never experienced one! You can’t expect a woman to always come from sexual intercourse – it’s actually quite rare for them to climax from penetration alone. Try combining it with clitoral stimulation to bring her off, and if you’re in an awkward position you could tell her to touch herself while you’re having sex. She’ll soon feel the ripples of pleasure building up through her body!

Women who have trouble reaching climax should practise alone before trying to make themselves come with their partner; it takes away any pressure and allows them to explore what feels good to them. Almost three quarters of the women recently surveyed use vibrators or sex toys, which is a great way to reach orgasm; many of our London escorts own sex toys. You shouldn’t feel threatened if your girl likes to use one of these – just remember that the more often she comes, the more often she’ll want sex!

It can be hard to tell whether or not a woman is faking an orgasm. Some are very convincing – the fast breathing, loud moans and shaking bodies. However, there are ways to detect a real orgasm; the truth is that a lot of men aren’t really bothered whether she genuinely reaches climax or not, but if it does concern you here’s what to look out for. Her skin may become flushed, so check for pink cheeks or blotches on her chest. Real orgasms are not necessarily loud, she might not make much noise. But listen out of any involuntary sounds or sharp intakes of breath. Her pelvic muscles with contract tightly as she climaxes, so if you’re inside her you may be able to feel this. She will also make jerky movements as the waves ripple through her body.

Even if you suspect your partner of faking it, never make accusations; just try changing your technique slightly until she’s on the right path!