Falling at Your Feet

For the average guy, having gorgeous women falling at your feet isn’t a very common occurrence (except for in your dreams). Ladies love to be chased and doted on, so they usually leave it up to us to do all the hard work in the dating world. For those of you who have ever managed to get the upper hand, you’ll know how incredible it feels to be chased by a gorgeous girl; it fills you with confidence, boosts your ego and gives you great satisfaction. It makes you feel like the kind of man you’ve always wanted to be! Our £110 escorts can be booked easily, but how do you ensnare the other sexy ladies out there? Here are a few tips to have women falling at your feet.

You need to make a good, confident first impression. Everything hangs on this moment; if you mess it up now, she’ll see you in that way forever (no pressure!). Don’t let her see that you’re nervous by stammering or freezing; however, try not to overcompensate, otherwise you’ll come across as arrogant. Be self assured, and let your natural magnetism shine through.

Once you have her attention, make sure you leave her wanting more. We all know the appeal of the thrill of the chase; if you make yourself too available to you, there’ll be no anticipation. Let her miss you and think about you – wait a few days before calling her, and let her think that you’re a busy man. The last thing you want is to look desperate and needy; that’s a complete turn off for women. Make yourself a bit of a challenge, so that she has to work for it.

You don’t have to have looks to rival Johnny Depp to get girls to chase you. One of the most attractive qualities in a man is a good sense of humour. This might sound like a cliche, but it’s been scientifically proven; if you make her laugh, she gets a very positive feeling from you. Feeling good is addictive, so she’ll want to be around you more. Don’t make fun of her (this could backfire), but notice what makes her laugh and work on that.

Don’t be that guy who is always chasing after girls, otherwise they’ll never chase after you. If you need some female company every now and then, our escort girls will be more than happy to oblige, which you can keep completely private. Once you’ve developed that mysterious air and you’re laid back enough not to bother approaching women, they will start coming to you. Try it out – it could change everything.