First Time Nerves

Whether it’s your first time using the services of a London escorts or your first time having sexual intercourse, you’re bound to be incredibly nervous. This is completely normal, and every man experiences these feelings.

There are a few things that you can do to make everything run more smoothly, although you’ll find that once you get started things will naturally take their course.


Make sure that you are prepared for the events ahead. Have a good shower to make sure that you are clean and smelling good. You would want the same from your partner, so it’s very important. Bad smells will instantly kill the mood and deter things like oral play. Also make sure that you have practised using a condom and that you know how to put it on properly. Knowing this will make you feel more confident when the time comes to use it for real.


Having an alcoholic drink beforehand can ease your nerves and make you lose your inhibitions, but be careful not to over do it. If you drink too much it can have an adverse effect; large quantities of alcohol can send you to sleep, or in the worst case can give you a ‘brewers droop’ making you unable to perform sexually. Limit your alcoholic drinks to one or two and everything will work fine.


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to perform. Believe ot or not, women do not want you to pound away for hours; this will make them sore, and probably a bit bored. It’s much better to have a good quality session that lasts for a shorter time than to go for hours. You might also find that if you force yourself to hold back for too long, you won’t be able to climax at all. On the other hand if you do come too soon, don’t worry – you can always wait a while and have another go. Remember – practise makes perfect!


Show your partner respect and don’t push them to do anything that they’re not comfortable with. Also don’t be too adventurous; you’ve got the rest of your life to try all of the sexual positions, so there’s no rush. Just do as much as you’re comfortable with and what you feel confident to do. Many men like to stick to missionary while they are getting familiar with the process, and if the girl has more experience then you could let her go on top and take the lead.

The most important thing is to just have fun – it’s an experience that should be satisfying, so leave your worries behind and enjoy the ride!