Flirt Your Heart Out

We all love a bit of flirting. It can help you get your own way, making people warm to you in awkward situations. You might get a bit of special treatment, like a free biscuit with your coffee from the cute girl behind the counter. It can get you off the hook when you might be in a spot of trouble, or it can pave the way to get to know that gorgeous girl. If it doesn’t come to you naturally, don’t worry; there are some techniques you can learn to make you a much better flirt.

First of all, drop anything that’s not working for you, or might be considered sleazy. Very few women appreciate sexual references and cheesy pick up lines when they’re getting to know you. You can still use some innuendo, but make sure it’s witty and tasteful. The best way to start is going right back to basics.

Remember that the most important tool you have for flirting is your eyes. They’re known as the window to the soul; all flirting starts with some eye contact. If you keep looking at your feet, she will lose interest, but be careful not to stare her out intensely; this will only make you look like a psychopath! Catch her interest by locking eyes with her across the room, hold it for a couple of seconds and give her a smile to show your interest. If she returns it, you’ve got the green light to approach her.

Don’t create a fake personality in an attempt to charm her. First, she might see straight through you, which would put her off straight away. Second, if it works and you start dating, she’s going to find out at some point that you aren’t the guy she thought you was. The best way is just to be honest; you don’t have to reveal everything about yourself right away; just be genuine and tell the truth.

Don’t worry too much about what to say; did you know that words only makes up 7% of messages given and received when flirting? A whopping 55% is down to body language, so this is much more important. Try to relax, and don’t try to pose. You will just look daft. It’s helpful to mirror her moves a bit, leaning in when she does or uncrossing your arms to match hers. Again, don’t go over the top or she will think you’re making fun of her! Just a little mirroring will tell her that you’re interested.

Flirting should be fun, so don’t get too worked up about it. If you’re still feeling nervous, try practicing these techniques on one of our escort girls – they’ll give you the confidence boost you need!