Get the Spark Back

Remember that feeling you get at the beginning of a relationship? The butterflies in your stomach, the rush when their name flashes up on your phone. You then usually go on to enjoy a ‘honeymoon period’, which can last anything up to two years; this is when everything seems blissful, you both have insatiable sex drives and don’t seem to argue much.

It would be a wonderful life if relationships stayed like this forever, but unfortunately this is rarely the case. Your lust for each other wanes, you start to notice each other’s flaws and get on each other’s nerves. Years down the line you may find that your sex life has dwindled out to almost nothing, and your lucky if you get it once a fortnight. Although this is fairly normal, there are ways to get the spark back. You need to keep in mind that at one point you couldn’t keep your hands off each other!

Many men stop initiating sex so often because they fear rejection. If your wife or girlfriend knocks you back, it can really bruise your ego and make you not want to go through that again. This is why men often seek solace with London escorts who they know will make them feel good about themselves and not reject them. Rather than launching back into action and taking your partner by surprise, lay the ground first and start making an effort with her. Whether it’s helping around the house, paying her compliments or treating her to a night out, make her remember why she loves you.

Depending on how far apart you’ve grown, this could take anything from a week to a month. The hard work is worth it though, because you’ll both be much happier in the long run! Try to overlook the little things that annoy you as you were able to before, and focus on the things you like about her. You’ll start to see her in a new light before long.

It may be that you’re both looking for something more exciting from your sex life, but don’t start straight off by suggesting an orgy. Make love a few times like you used to, just straight forward sex. When you get comfortable again, that’s when you need to start discussing what might spice things up a bit. Be honest about your fantasies – everybody has them! Perhaps you could try a bit of dressing up and role play, or maybe a threesome or some S&M. Whatever gets you going, don’t hold back!