Glamorous Gifts For Her


If you are unsure of what to get your girl, then the traditional choice is the way forward. I’m talking flowers, chocolates, perfume (if you know her smell), bath products – all these are pretty much fail safe options, and good if you are on a first date. Easy to purchase, these little presents really show you care.


Jewellery is a great option, perfect for a second or third date. To get the ideal gift requires a little planning, so when you meet your girl check out what jewellery she already wears. Some girls have strong preferences depending upon their colouring. If you want to treat one of our girls, then bear in mind that brunette and blonde escorts may have different tastes. In general, it is best to choose fine jewellery, something small and classy is always a winner.

An Experience

We all love to be pampered, so why not treat your girl to a day at a spa? There are many pamper days available, so browse the Internet for varying prices. Book one for the both of you, and accompany her for a day of pure indulgence. She is certain to be thrilled with the treat, and you will no doubt be rewarded for your efforts later that night!

‘The’ Handbag

Many women have passions for bags as well as shoes, which is great for us, because there is no need to worry about them fitting! Maybe you have hit it off with one of our stunning London call girls, and want to surprise her? Be sure to check out the style of handbag she uses on your dates, and maybe ask her what designers she likes. Many of our girls here at V London escorts have exquisite taste. If you are still lost, you can’t go wrong with a classy mulberry bag, ask the shop assistant which particular style she recommends.

Sexy Underwear

Underwear is a great gift as it is also a present for us! We get the benefits of seeing our stunning girl parade around in our chosen lingerie. However, a common mistake (and who can blame us), is to go for sexy see-through stringy things which many women find tacky. Agent Provocateur manages to find the middle ground, and is a brand all women love! Or if you are still unsure and don’t want to spoil the surprise, then here at V London escorts, we know all our escorts tastes, so just ask us!

So if you really click with one of our gorgeous escorts, now you hopefully have some great ideas for a gift. Do remember though, that none of our girls ever expect a present, and are just very happy to have your company. If you haven’t already, then get browsing through our stunners and prepare yourself for an unforgettable and thoroughly enjoyable experience, gift or no gift!