Grown Up Toys

As children, we all loved to play with toys. Girls had their Barbie and doll houses, dressing up boxes and fairy wings. Boys have their action man, train sets and racing cars, keeping them entertained for hours on end. However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s time to put the toys away for good and concentrate on other things; this often occurs around the same time that you first develop an interest in women.

When we say grown up toys, we’re not talking about your collectors edition Star Wars figurines or your brand new X Box… we’re talking about the kind of toys you can enjoy with the ladies! Many couples use sex toys to enhance their love lives, introducing exciting new sensations to keep things extra hot. Not everyone enjoys having foreign objects in their intimate moments, but they can inject some fresh passion into a flagging sex life.

These days, nobody has to cope with the embarrassment of walking into a sex shop to buy a toy; there is a huge range available on the internet that can be delivered to your door discreetly. However if you would prefer to shop in person, the shop assistants are usually very helpful and friendly, and will never be judgemental. In this day and age, there is no shame in buying this kind of thing!

One of the most common sex toys is a dildo or vibrator. Single women often buy these to pleasure themselves, in fact some of our London escorts are proud owners of them! These can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some vibrate, some have a clitoral stimulator attached such as the Rampant Rabbit, one of the most famous models. If you are looking for a vibrator to use with your partner, make sure you choose it together. You might not want her buying a huge size that makes you feel emasculated, and she won’t want something that looks a bit scary or not sexy. You will both need to feel completely comfortable with your decision in order to enjoy your sex play together.

For men, cock rings are very popular. Again, these can be vibrating to increase your sexual pleasure. Usually worn around the base of the penis, these can prolong sex by helping you maintain your erection for longer and can intensify sensations.

There’s a whole world of toys out there for grown ups to enjoy, so have a look at what’s on offer and give it a try!