Hone Your Conversation Openers

We can’t stress enough how important first impressions are. You’ll know this from the times you’ve met a London escort for the first time; you know within the first few minutes that you’re going to have a great time with her. Our escort girls have a special talent for dazzling men within moments, not only with their stunning looks and killer physiques, but also with their warm, friendly and sensual manner. When you approach a hot woman and want to make a good impression, there are several ways you could slip up. If you want to get lucky and get her number, follow our tips and avoid an opening conversation faux pas.

You need to make sure that the conversation goes both ways. Women love a man who can listen, so don’t dominate the conversation bragging about all your great qualities. Initially, you need to forget your final goal and concentrate on getting to know her a bit. If you make it obvious that you’re just chatting her up with the intention of getting into her pants, she won’t be interested.

Although women love sensitive men who aren’t afraid to express their feelings, avoid talking about anything too serious when you first meet. You don’t want her to think that you’re carrying emotional baggage and will be a handful; keep it casual and the conversation light. Never bring up ex girlfriends either; she doesn’t want to hear about that any more than you want to hear about the rich, muscular boyfriend she’s just broken up with.

Another topic to avoid is money. It’s true that a powerful, wealthy man does attract women, but if you go on about this as soon as you meet her, she will just think you’re an arrogant prat. It’s fine to offer to buy her a drink, but don’t drop names of 5* hotels and flashy cars; you’ll sound pretentious, and she’ll be out the door.

Finally, the trick is to leave her wanting more. Even though the conversation may just be getting good and you’d love to spend more time with her, you could jeopardise your chances if you overstay your welcome. You want to create a bit of mystery and intrigue, making her eager for a second meeting. Tell her you’d love to finish off your chat sometime and ask for her number or email, before rejoining your mates. By this point, she’ll be hanging on your every word, and keen to see you again.