How to Bag Yourself a Model

Many of us dream of dating a beautiful model – and for most of us this dream remains fully in the realms of fantasy. However, there are actually many ways to make this a reality. Below, I have shared some great tips on how to bag yourself a model, many of which have come directly from the stunning ladies themselves. So, read on and try out the tips on the next best thing – one of our stunning V London escorts. Before long, the clever ones amongst you will be wining and dining your very own gorgeous supermodel.

Hangout in Fashionable Bars

Trendy upmarket bars are always a magnet for beautiful women and models, and in London particular areas are renowned for attracting glamorous clientele. The areas of Mayfair and Chelsea are prime locations for the rich and beautiful, or one of the London’s top hotels, such as the bar in The Dorchester, is another good option. Just bear in mind that prices in these kind of bars aren’t cheap — and if you’re looking to impress a model, you are probably going to have to splash that cash! Key ingredients to impress a model include smart dress i.e a designer suit or smart yet fashionable t-shirt and trousers combo, intelligent conversation, and most importantly sober conversation! Models tend to enjoy elegant and refined company.

Be Yourself

Many models like someone a bit different and quirky – prime examples include Kate Moss’s rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince, stunning Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima’s very ordinary boyfriend Marco Jaric, or Lara Stone’s comedian husband David Walliams. After all, they do say that love is blind… and from speaking to some of the pretty escort girls here at V, it is definitely true that personality and confidence has the power to outshine Mother Nature. Therefore, keep this in mind – play it cool and act like you aren’t at all intimidated by the beautiful lady standing before you! Try to convince yourself that they will definitely find you attractive – this positivity will be endearing.

Talk Fashion

Okay, so it might not be your favourite subject.. in fact, it might be completely alien to you, but swotting up on the latest trends is only going to aid potential conversation with a model. Maybe casually slip a designer into your conversation, or ask her a few questions about her line of work. Make sure you come across genuinely interested .. and don’t be afraid to be honest… you could maybe hint at a shopping spree with her?

Treat her like a human

Contrary to any common stereotypes which exist, the majority of models are actually bright beings who enjoy intelligent conversation. Therefore, engage in some intellectual conversation, whilst also keeping things friendly. The fact that you respect her opinion will be attractive to her. Make sure you treat her kindly and not like a trophy — a model will hate it if you start boasting to your mates! Also, when talking to her keep eye contact – but not in a leery kind of way. Models spend their whole lives being looked at and examined, they want a guy who knows the right way to appreciate them!

Don’t Fear Rejection

Rejection is a sore point for all of us – and we often spend our lives going out of our way to avoid it. However, men who date models have learnt to overcome this barrier, and are not afraid to experience a little rejection from time to time. After all, practice makes perfect .. and even Brad Pitt would have experienced a knock back at some point in his love-life (Honestly!) To make dating easier, why not meet with a sexy escort in London, and let her help you perfect your art? V girls always love to be of assistance – and are never patronising, so can be a really aid to your confidence! Don’t be afraid, simply get out there and keep going until you bag your dream lady!