How To Get a Second Date

So you’ve managed to get a date with a gorgeous girl, and while you’re out with her you decide that you really like her. You want this to be more than just a one night stand, and you think she feels the same way – but how do you behave to ensure that she wants to see you again? You need to let her know that you’re keen without scaring her away, and let her know that you’re a good guy. Here’s a few tips about what she’s looking for during those early days.

We appreciate how intense the lust is right at the beginning. She looks so hot, and all you can think about is taking her home. She may well be thinking the same thing, but you must hold back if you want to see this girl again! It shows that you respect her, and if you’re all over her she will think that you’re only after sex. A kiss goodnight at the end of your date is as far as you should go the first time you go out; after the third date, you can start to move things on, depending on if she’s ready. Be careful not to leave it too long though – you don’t want to cross over into the ‘friend zone’. Make sure that she knows from the beginning how much you want her.

Make sure you make plenty of eye contact while talking to her and listening, but don’t give her an intense stare that might creep her out. If you avoid eye contact, you will look too shy, distracted or shifty. Also, be open when talking about yourself; if you avoid direct questions, she could become suspicious of you and will think that you’re trying to hide something.

Don’t talk about your ex when you’re on your first few dates, and don’t badmouth your friends or family. If you look like you have issues with people, she will lose interest and decide that you’re more hassle than you’re worth. She will also wonder what you might say about her to your friends if you’re so quick to insult someone! Leave your gripes and moans for good friends who know you well. Remember, you’re trying to make a good first impression, which will stay with her.

At the end of the night, let her know that you’d like to see her again. If you don’t mention it, she might wrongly assume that you’re not interested. If you use a line like “I’ll call you”, it might sound like a brush off, so say something genuine to let her know that you like her.

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