How to Shake Off Losers

It’s always flattering to get attention from a member of the opposite sex. Whatever her age or appearance, there’s nothing wrong with giving the ego a little boost. But if you show her the faintest glimmer of appreciation, she may get the wrong idea and become impossible to shake. If you have difficulty letting a girl down gently, here’s a few ways you can give off the right signals.

Whether you’re in a bar or walking down the street, lingering eye contact can sometimes be taken as an invitation. However fun people watching is, avoid looking people straight in the eye if you’re not interested in them. Keeping your eyes on the floor, your drink or your mates will eliminate the awkward situation of a girl coming over to talk to you when you were actually just looking at the state of her hair. Save her the embarrassment and keep your eyes to yourself!

If a particularly persistent woman is hell bent on catching your attention, use something physical to create a barrier between the two of you. If she keeps dancing up to you, stand behind someone else to block her. If she loiters near your table, use your briefcase or empty glasses to fill the space between you. She should soon get the message without you having to say something rude.

Try to harden your features if she traps you in conversation. A problem that nice guys have is they respond politely with a friendly expression, and the woman interprets this as a green light. Keep your answers short, and think about something gross (more gross than her) or something that annoys you to fix your features in an uninviting expression.

If you know anything about body language, you’ll know that mirroring her movements is a subconscious sign of attraction. To get the message through to her, deliberately do the opposite to whatever she does. If she leans against the bar, stand up straight. If she leans forward to talk to you, lean back. If she’s not noticing, absorb yourself in something else as if it’s capturing all your interest – it might be the band playing, or even just the bag of crisps you’re snacking on.

If none of this is working for you, it might be kinder to tell her a white lie. Drop your wife into conversation (if she doesn’t already know you) and talk about how much you love her. If it’s a girl you already know that’s hanging around like a bad smell, simply hire a stunning Stockwell Escort and bring her along when you know the girl will be there; she’ll soon get the idea that you’re well out of her league!