How to Survive Getting Dumped

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, you’re bound to get dumped at some point during your lifetime. The first time can be a real shock to the system, especially if you didn’t see it coming and you felt settled in your relationship.

You need to allow yourself to come to terms with it and give yourself time to grieve before you try to move on; the time scale is different for everyone, but if you try to ignore the heartbreak and suppress your feelings, it could resurface at the wrong time.

The most important thing to remember is not to phone your ex, under any circumstances. The only contact you should have is to arrange collecting any belongings you’ve left around each other’s places. Don’t embarrass yourself by crying or begging down the phone, nor by shouting abuse and obscenities at her. Neither will make you feel better. Also, try not to slip into denial by distracting yourself and pretending everything is fine – this will only delay the pain.

Give yourself a whole weekend at home and let yourself cry, be angry, or whatever it takes to face the fact that the relationship is over. Although it hurts, you need to confront the fact that you and your ex aren’t together any more.

It’s good to laugh, so try watching some comedy films. When you feel ready, maybe invite some friends over to watch films with you. Another thing to make you feel good is exercise; this releases endorphins, otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone’. You’ll feel more ready to face the world, and it could help to trim you up too giving you a confidence boost.

Before you leave the house for the first time, make an extra effort with your appearance. Have a long shower, dress well and take time to make sure you’re looking your best. You probably don’t feel like it at the moment, but an appreciative glance or compliment will make you feel good about yourself. If you’re eyes have any tell-tale puffiness, put cucumber slices or teabags on them for 15 minutes while you relax – this will reduce any post crying swelling.

Try to make plans with your friends every weekend for the rest of the month. Getting yourself out there will perk you up and make you remember why you used to love being single so much; you can make your own plans, and you’ll probably find you have some spare cash too. Treat yourself to something you always wanted.

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