How To Tell If She Likes You

If things continue the way they are going at the moment, soon the volumes of material advising men on how to tell if women like them will tower above the tallest skyscraper. A few quirks are already common knowledge, and fairly self explanatory. A wink, a probing foot beneath the table, a kiss, all these are pretty much certain implications that the woman in question likes you. But these techniques are often employed later in the game, once you have figured each other out a little.

There are many different ways to tell if she is intrigued far earlier in the game, and to what degree, by small actions. The complex layers of women are often very unrevealing to the amateur eye, but below are a few hints to tell you from first glance whether she is interested or not.

One classic method to see if she is interested is to check what she is doing with her hands. Should she be coiling her hair round a finger as she speaks or listens to you, this could be a very good sign, and implies intrigue on her part. Rejoice also if she touches her lips with her fingers.

Also, keep an eye on where her eyes are pointed. If they are focusing on your eyes, that is a very good sign, and if they are focusing on your lips, that is an even better one.

However, you might want to rethink whatever wooing tactics you are employing if she has her arms folded and is looking everywhere but at you, as this means she is not interested or is losing interest fast.

You might want to study these and other tips in detail, and make sure you are fully prepared for your next meeting with a lady. But you should also place a little faith in your subconscious. It makes plenty of observations, assertions and decisions that you are not even aware of. And you can rest assured, that whatever your potential ladyfriend’s twitching cheek or gaping mouth implies, you will probably already know on some level. If she starts touching her lips and smiling, you would probably gain a boost of confidence even if you had not read this. And she is probably blissfully unaware of the fact that she is touching her lips too, and what it actually implies. These small movements are a language of their own that have probably existed as long as meetings between single men and women have.

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