How to Get Gorgeous Girls

Do you ever see an average looking man walking down the street with a drop dead gorgeous girl and wonder how he got so lucky? Surely he must be filthy rich or powerful, right? Not necessarily. There are plenty of guys out there who don’t need looks or money to get hot girls, and you could be one of them. Just follow these tips and you could soon have more admirers than you know what to do with!

The single most important thing is not to act desperate. If you fall over yourself every time a woman talks to you, act clingy or needy, calling and texting her all the time and hanging on her every word, you don’t stand a chance. You need to act casual, as if you date hot women all the time and it’s no big deal.

If you are lucky enough to get a date with a gorgeous girl, don’t play it too cool by waiting too long to confirm your date, or not kissing her when you have the chance. If she’s really that hot, there will be a queue of men waiting to ask her out so it’s important to take your chance when it comes. Once she’s interested, you can keep her guessing by not being too predictable, but don’t mess her around or she’ll move on.

Women always want what they can’t have, so you can’t look too available. If the girl of your dreams sees you out with another woman, it will get her attention. If your diary is full of dates with other women, she will become competitive and decide that she wants a piece of the action! You can either date nice, normal girls to work your way up to the stunner, or you could make her really jealous by being seen out and about with one of our beautiful Brent escorts. She’ll wonder what qualities you have that attracted a girl like that, and will want to find out for herself.

You need to show this woman that you know what you’re doing, so be assertive. Don’t always let her make the decisions, and don’t ever say “I don’t mind”; girls go crazy for a man who knows exactly what he wants. Tell her what you want to do to her, where you’re going and what time you’ll be picking her up. It will make her hot for you.

Although it’s important to act like you’re too busy to care, you still need to behave like a gentleman. Set yourself apart from the crowd by being chivalrous, and she’ll know that she’s on to a keeper.