How to Turn Her On

For men, instant gratification is just fine. We enjoy foreplay, but it’s not really essential to our pleasure in the long run. However, women are quite different; they need warming up, tending to, focus and full attention before they can reach climax. It does wonders for a man’s ego to make a woman orgasm, so it pays off to give her kicks before you get yours.

It can take a woman much longer to reach orgasm than a man. Be patient and don’t lose your resolve; it’s natural for her to take a while and if you’re both on board she will get there in her own time. First of all, she will need to be in an environment where she feels completely comfortable. If she doesn’t usually come easily, don’t spring a fit of passion on her in public! Make sure you’re home alone, with no harsh temperatures or unpleasant smells. Things like this will really put her off.

When she is feeling relaxed and happy, start by kissing her and stroking her gently in places that are not obviously sexual; she will want to know that you care about her and that you don’t only want her for sex. Our London escorts have told us that they love it when men caress the skin on their backs, arms and necks. Take your time kissing and touching her, and when you feel her warming up you can start to take things to the next step. Her breath might quicken or she might moan gently, or push her body into yours. If she starts to kiss you harder or pulls you in close, she’s feeling just as heated as you!

Hold your horses though. The more patient you are, the better it will be for both of you; creating tension and suspense is a great build up before a great release. Before you touch her down below, stroke her breasts and the inside of her thighs to get her really turned on; she’ll be begging you for it if you take your time on her! When she’s really writhing with pleasure, that’s the time to go in for the kill. Use your fingers or tongue to make sure she’s wet enough for you, and if all’s good to go that’s when you can do the deed!

Many women cannot come from penetration alone, so she may need clitoral stimulation too. Don’t go straight for her clitoris at the beginning of the session as it will be too sensitive; this is where the most nerve endings are, but you must wait until she is properly warmed up. Use gentle circular motions with your fingers to bring her to orgasm – mission accomplished!