An Insight into the Female Mind

It can be very difficult to understand women. When what they say can be opposite to what they mean, it’s understandable that men get a bit confused. We spoke to some of our Poplar Escorts to get a real insight into the female mind, learning what makes them tick and what ticks them off!

Tip 1: Ex Talk You need to understand the dilemma a woman has when it comes to her partner’s ex girlfriends. On the one hand, she is absolutely burning with curiosity to find out what she looks like, how she behaved, how good she was in bed. But you should never actually tell her, as this will only lead to jealousy and trouble. She will beg and wheedle, or try to appear casual and nonchalant; 9 times out of 10 this is just a front. If you tell her that your ex was pretty or good in bed, your girlfriend will feel inadequate. But if you overplay it and say that your ex was ugly and horrible, she will either see straight through you or worry that she falls into your low standards. It’s best to avoid the topic altogether, or be very casual about it if she persists.

Tip 2: Compliments Most women love to be complimented, but there’s a fine line between flattering them and offending them. If approaching a lady in a bar, keep it quite impersonal. Rather than talking about her figure, compliment her dress or earrings. This way, she’ll warm to you without worrying that you’re just after sex. For your partner, you need to compliment her regularly so that she knows you don’t take her for granted. Save graphic compliments for the bedroom, but remind her of her good qualities – that she’s beautiful, kind, thoughtful. It will let her know that you appreciate her. If she asks you how she looks, it’s dangerous ground. First of all, look! If you say ‘lovely, dear’ from behind your newspaper, you’ll be in big trouble. If something really looks bad, be tactful. Say something like “It’s nice, but I prefer you in that blue dress”. If you think she looks good, tell her and be enthusiastic about it. She might thank you later!

Tip 3: Attention Women like to spend time together when you’re an item. However, they don’t consider being in the same room as ‘together’ time unless they have your full attention. If you’re watching Top Gear or playing a computer game, that doesn’t count.