Kama Sutra Positions for Your Pleasure

The Kama Sutra is a well known ancient Indian book which features information and advice on sex and marriage. The second (and most popular) section ‘On Sexual Union’ features various sexual positions, types of love making, oral sex, and even details about marking skin with nails and biting with teeth. In case you don’t own a copy, here are some tips and details for you to get started. Especially when you’re fantasizing about a beautiful London escort , and you want to optimise your experience with sexual partners.

If you are the kind of man who likes to be in control, try this.

Splitting of a Bamboo: Get your partner to lie on the bed with one of her legs raised up in the air. This will give you complete control as you can either hold onto her leg next to your ear, or alternatively let it rest on your shoulder. This position will allow deeper penetration than missionary.

Widely Opened: You kneel on the bed, and ask your partner to lie back, raising her bum and thighs to wrap her legs around your waist. You can hold onto her under her slightly arched back while you thrust. This one is also great visually as it gives you a full view of her bouncing breasts.

Lotus: Your partner lays on her back and crosses her legs, holding them pressed as close to her chest as possible so you get an open view of her vagina. Hopefully, this position will allow you to hit her G-spot as you penetrate her, giving her a huge climax and making you feel like you’re a stud!

If you like to relax and let your partner take control, try these.

The Tigress: Lie on your back flat on the bed, and have your partner sit on top of you with her back to you. This should give you a great sensation along the shaft, and you can hold onto her waist as she moves her hips. These days, you might know this position as the ‘reverse cowboy’.

Clasping Position: Lie down flat with your legs stretched out and open. Your partner gets on top with her whole body clasped on top of you as you enter her. You can hold onto her bum as she moves back and forth, giving you both full body contact with her breasts closely pressed against your chest.

Milk and Water Embrace: This is quite fun, as you get to do it on a chair instead of on the bed. Sit down on a chair (with no arms) with your partner sitting on your lap facing away from you. From here, you can touch her whole body, you can play with her genitals and her breasts while she rocks back and forth on top of you. This should give you both explosive orgasms!