Keep the Peace

Most of you will have heard that famous saying, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, which became a best selling book describing the fundamental differences between male and female behaviour.

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, it is quite common for the opposite sexes to experience problems through lack of communication and misunderstanding. Whereas men often like to bottle up their emotions, keeping them safely stored away until they can be released constructively, women tend to want to let everything out and talk about all their problems. This can cause conflict; women want their men to come out of their ‘cave’ and share their feelings when we’d rather keep quite and forget about it, and women want to share every emotion with us when we’d rather watch TV. It may sound like a stereotype, but couples all over the world deal with these issues on a daily basis.

The best way to get around this problem is to come to some sort of compromise. Rather than being stubborn and refusing to take on your partner’s drama, try to listen to her problems. She probably won’t expect you to come up with any kind of advice, just listening will help and win you brownie points. If she is badgering you about sharing your feelings, you’re within your rights to say to her “Yes I feel a bit down, but I’d rather not talk about it right now”. This is much better than just saying you’re fine when it’s obvious you’re not; you don’t have to talk about what’s wrong but your partner will appreciate your honesty.

If something really is on your mind and affecting your behaviour, make sure that your girl knows if it’s not her fault. If you’re sullen and skulking around, she may wrongly assume that she’s done something wrong – and your lack of communication is likely to turn her assumption into frustration. To keep the peace, reassure her that it’s nothing she’s done. Let her know that you love her and just need some time and she should leave you to deal with it in your own way.

Obviously, the above advice will not apply to every woman in the world. Everyone is different and behaviour varies greatly. If you need a better insight into the female mind, try spending some time with London escorts to really find out what makes them tick!