Keep the Romance Alive

Our brunette escorts adore being romanced, as do the large majority of women. Times like Christmas and birthdays make it easy to be romantic; you know that you have to buy your other half a gift, so with a little bit of thought you can really make her feel special. But when is the last time you surprised her on a regular day? You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to do something romantic; if you catch her off guard, she’ll remember it for a much longer time.

Valentine’s Day is just over a month away; it’s a time when couples express their love for each other. Some show it by cooking a special dinner and having a quiet night in, some splash out and go to a fancy restaurant. Some send cards with intimate messages, others send flowers and chocolates. However, there’s no reason why society should dictate that this all takes place on February 14th each year; you can spoil that special someone whenever you like!

Contrary to popular belief, being romantic does not have to involve spending lots of money. Girls really notice the little things, so simply being a bit more chivalrous can score you points. Try offering her your jacket when she’s cold, or pick up the bill where you usually go halves. Gestures like this will remind her that you’re a gentleman, and you’ll almost certainly be rewarded for this behaviour later!

If you live together, there are plenty of sweet things you can do around the house. If you’re comfortable with expressing your feelings, you could write her a love note or leave a message written on the mirror after your shower. Perhaps you could make lunch for her, or leave a flower on her pillow. All of these things will only take you a moment, but she will remember them for a lifetime.

If you’re able to dedicate a little more time, try surprising her when she comes home from work with a clean house and a candlelit dinner. If you usually leave the cooking and cleaning to her, she’ll be delighted with the effort you’ve gone to. Dim the lights, play some soft background music, and consult the cook book — these are the perfect ingredients for a romantic night together. This can all be achieved without spending much money, and as soon as you’re both ready for bed, it’s only a few feet away…