Minor Sex Injuries

We all live to be a bit adventurous in the bedroom sometimes, just like our Westbourne Park Escorts do. The missionary position is a safe classic – great if you’re just getting to know each other, tired, or in the mood to be tender. But if you think you can pull some moves, just be careful! Here are some of the most classic injuries incurred during love making.

Carpet Burn You’re sitting by the log fire with a beautiful woman and a glass of red wine… one thing leads to another and before you know it you’re going at it on the Persian rug. All sounds very romantic, but bare elbows and knees can be very susceptible to carpet burn! Red raw skin in one of the least sexy things you can experience. The biggest offending position is doggy style – taking it’s toll on both sets of knees and your elbows.

Sore Wrists No, I don’t mean to much time spend with your right hand. When you have sex, you can get lost in the moment and not realise when one of your ‘less vital’ limbs is suffering. When you’re on top, it feels great to lift yourself up so you can look down at her as you thrust, but supporting your weight on your hands for any length of time could strain them. Try to switch positions when you feel your wrists start to ache.

Cramp It’s the worst feeling when you’re just about to come and then your whole leg cramps up! I’ve suffered from it in my calves and hips – quite an inconvenience and definitely a mood killer. Cramp can be caused by dehydration so make sure you have water to hand; the heat in the bedroom will make you sweat, dehydrating you even more. It can also be from a lack of salt – another thing lost through sweat.

Bruises and Scratches We all get a bit carried away if she likes it rough. You don’t realise quite how deeply she’s digging her nails in, or how hard you just bit the inside of her thigh. This is another case of getting lost in the moment, and you may not realise that you are marking each other; it may just hurt later! I was once a bit over enthusiastic and ended up falling out of bed onto a hard floor – another bruise on the ass for me.

It’s so easy to pull a muscle, bump a head against the wall or leave an unsightly love bite on your partner. But it’ll heal in time, and I bet it was worth it!