The Need to Spread Your Seed

People have pondered the difference between the genders for centuries. We wonder why women feel the need to talk about their feelings when men go into their cave, why women can’t read maps and men can’t multitask.

Although there are always exceptions to the rule, men and women’s brains are fundamentally different. Some research has been done into the sexual needs of men and women, and why men are perceived as being more likely to stray than women.

First of all, men are more able to compartmentalise their feelings. It is possible for them to love their girlfriend/wife, yet still fantasise about a sexy London escort. They can even be unfaithful to their partner but still love them, because their feelings are kept separate. Australian authors Allan and Barbara Pease have written about this theory in their book ‘Why men want sex & women need love’. They use statistics and the latest developments in brain scan research and physiology to determine why we think and behave so differently to the opposite sex.

Men are genetically programmed to procreate; in a sexual partner, they are subconsciously drawn to healthy looking women who stand the best chance of producing a healthy child. This means good skin and long hair will attract them, as well as a healthy weight and pear shaped ‘child bearing’ hips. Even if this does not conform to the latest women’s fashion, men will be drawn to it. Women, however, look for stability and protection. This can be found in a man’s physique – large, muscly men look like protectors. Income and power can also influence them. Women have more of a ‘nesting’ instinct and subconsciously look for a life partner.

One example of one of the randiest animals on earth is the cockrel. It can have sex up to 200 times per day, but never has sex with the same hen more than 5 times during this period. This shows that basic nature stripped down gives supporting evidence to the theory that men are built to spread their seed.

Today, most men prefer to use contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections, however that carnal need is still prevalent in men across the globe. Although the reason is no longer to procreate, men still strive to find as many sexual partners as possible while they still can!