Internet Dating

As technology becomes more advanced and plays an even more prominent role in society, men of all ages are getting used to using the internet as an integral part of their daily lives. Most of us now use computers at work, with a laptop or desktop at home too. I, for one, feel a bit lost without the internet! Despite spending the entire day sitting in front of an 18 inch screen, I still can’t resist checking emails and social networking sites when I get home.

Internet dating has become phenomenally popular over the last decade; looking for a lover online has lost the stigma it used to carry. Young, attractive people in London now go to speed dating sessions, singles nights and join online dating agencies with no need for embarrassment whatsoever. It has become a completely acceptable way to meet partners and new people.

‘Friends Reunited’ made headlines several years back, when news emerged that married people were embarking on torrid affairs with old flames having reconnected with them on the website. The same thing is now happening on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networking websites. Speaking from personal experience, it’s all too easy to add an old girlfriend online, imagining it to be nothing more than an innocent exchange of pleasantries. However, rediscovering your past can stir up emotions that you haven’t felt for a long time. You begin to talk more often, arrange to meet for a quick coffee, and before you know it, you’re caught up in the middle of a full blown affair! Don’t let that discourage you though. Loads of people simply catch up with old friends they’ve lost touch with over the years – it doesn’t necessarily turn into anything sordid.

Everyone should be aware of the dangers of the internet. Remember that people can say anything on their profile; they can use fake or old photos, a false name, changing their real age and making up a description. They can be anyone they want to be while hiding behind a screen, so meeting in person could lead to disappointment. There are more serious dangers too; criminals and paedophiles have been reported to lure their prey by first ‘grooming’ them online. After a while, you can start to feel like you really know somebody – even if you’ve never met before. People have shared many long conversations, revealing intimate details about themselves. If you’re meeting new people, networking or dating online, always be aware of these dangers.

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