The Perfect Gift

At times like her birthday or Christmas, the pressure is on to find the perfect present for your partner. Women say that men are difficult to buy for, but women put so much emphasis on your gift that it really feels like the pressure is on! Here are a few of the classics, and how they’re likely to go down with your other half…

Perfume Buying her a fragrance is a fairly safe move. There are ways you could go wrong, such as buying her the classic that her mother wears or opting for a signature fragrance from a celebrity she doesn’t like; to avoid this, enlist the help of one of her friends or take note of what’s on her dressing table. A stab in the dark is unlikely to be correct, so stick with one of her favourites. Either way, she will appreciate the gesture. Perfume is one of the preferred gifts of our Chiswick Escorts, in case you were wondering!

A Gift Card However much money you put on it, a girlfriend or wife is not going to appreciate a gift card. She will think that you’ve put no thought into it and copped out; this gesture is fine for friends or family, but a partner will expect something more romantic and thoughtful.

Gadgets Getting her a gadget like an ipod or mobile phone might not be exactly what she wants, but it shows her that you value her as much as you do yourself (since this is something you would like yourself). She will probably be chuffed with this, though she may need your help working out how to use it!

Jewellery Picking out jewellery can be a big deal, but she will love it. It shows that you’re committed to her, and something expensive or good quality will show that you’re in it for the long haul. Not the best idea if you want to keep things casual, but great for the one you love.

Kitchen Appliances Even if she needs one, a kitchen appliance is likely to infuriate your partner if given as a present. Feel free to buy her one any other time of year, just not her birthday or Christmas! Although it does suggest stability and commitment, women generally aren’t looking for practicality at a time like this. Stick with something more for her to enjoy and you’ll stay in her good books!