Picking Up Girls

I used to be really shy, nerdy and awkward with girls, but now I’ve gone from a guy who couldn’t get laid at all to someone who’s slept with more girls than I can count! I’ve had amazing encounters with lots women from various places; in bars, night clubs, the gym, bookshops, cafes, streets, and some sexy escorts at private parties. I would say that after I understood the techniques, it’s actually not hard to get lots of attention from the ladies. Here are some tips to get you started.

Make sure you’re confident with the way you look; it’s important that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Wear your favourite shirt that makes you look like a million dollars. When you’re confident you radiate a positive vibe. You have to like yourself before you can expect girls to like you! If you don’t like your hair, go visit the hairdressers. If you don’t like your beer belly, start doing exercise and sit-ups. When you make an effort to improve your outer and inner self, you will feel good about yourself and come across as calm and collected.

Enjoy your conversations with girls; do not compliment her straight away. You may come across as cheesy, as most pretty girls get compliments all the time when they are approached by men. Say something original instead of only focusing on their looks. Start the conversation talking about the music or the venue, and then move onto slightly more personal topics. Be a good listener and be genuinely interested in the conversation, staying focused at all times. I know it can get a bit difficult (especially after a few drinks), but it’s a no-no to repeat the same questions when she’s told you the answers several times already. That will really put her off.

The right amount of keenness; try to read her body language and facial expressions to see if she’s actually interested in developing something further with you. If she seems genuinely interested in chatting to you and finding more about you, then you can ask for her number and take it further. Do not be pushy or desperate, and try to maintain eye contact instead of staring at her boobs or her legs. You want to present yourself as a gentleman – not someone who can’t wait to get into her pants. If you two hit it off pretty well, text her the next day. Show her that you care and how much you’ve enjoyed meeting her.