Pleasing Your Woman in Bed

When it comes to sexual pleasure, all women are different. Some have stronger erogenous zones than others, some orgasm from internal stimulation and others only come from external stimulation on the clitoris. You need to be aware and alert when getting to know your partner sexually so you become familiar with her personal preferences.

Generally, women need more foreplay than men. Unless you catch them at a particularly good time, you cannot just kiss them and start pounding away; use your fingers and tonge to make sure that she is properly warmed up and wet enough before you enter her. If not, it could cause your partner discomfort and it won’t feel as good for you. If you only have time for a quickie, using lubricant is a good idea to make it feel better for both of you.

When a woman climaxes, it is not always in the same way as a porn star. Just because she is not screaming and swearing, it doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying herself. Women vary greatly in the sound they make during sex; some are very vocal, where others prefer to keep quiet or just moan gently. This does not correlate to your sexual performance, it is down to the woman’s preferred style. However, if she is lying silent and motionless, there probably is still something to be desired! Don’t be afraid to ask her what she wants or how she likes it.

Although statistics are still vague, only 10% of women are said to be able to orgasm from inside the vagina. This is because not all of them have enough sensitivity in the g-spot. The most common female orgasm is by rubbing or stimulating the clitoris; if you don’t know how to find it, it’s about time you asked a woman and found out! There are certain sexual positions that allow you to stimulate the clitoris whilst you are inside the vagina, so it is possible to achieve a ‘double orgasm’ in this way.

Some of you may have experienced a woman who is able to ‘squirt’ when she climaxes. Most women either are unable to do this or have not yet discovered how; it is not an indication of how successful you have been. Just because you were able to make one girl squirt, do not expect the same result with another – it is not that common.

If you want to discuss what a woman likes but you don’t have a partner you can talk to about it, perhaps hiring a London escort would give you the insight you need. They are very friendly and open minded, and might be able to enlighten you!