Practicing Knightly Virtues

If you’re a regular reader of the blogs on V London Escorts, you may have noticed that we occasionally mention chivalry. It often goes hand in hand with romance and dating, and we’d always encourage our clients to behave like gentlemen when they are with our ladies. However, the meaning of the word has changed over the years; these days, it generally refers to men being courteous to women; picking up the bill, holding open a door or offering her your coat. Originally, it referred specifically to medieval knights, and the virtues they stood for. Our busty escorts are delighted whenever the modern man shows signs of this tradition!

Here are the seven knightly virtues, according to author Scott Farell:

  1. Courage. Although you may not find yourself challenged to a dual on horseback, you can still show courage by accepting sacrifices graciously, or by risking your life to help others. Civil servants such as the police, the military and the fire services do this every day, showing that they are indeed courageous.
  2. Justice. In modern society, we must often seek the aid of the law to carry out justice, however you can win small personal victories in your personal everyday life.
  3. Mercy. It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself in a situation with a sword to your enemy’s throat – that’s just not how things are done any more. However, feeling kindness and patience towards your neighbour instead of wanting to punch them in the face is considered to be chivalrous.
  4. Generosity. A good woman won’t expect you to pay her way, but she will be really impressed if she sees you share your wealth with others, whether it’s friends, family or charities. Being a hoarder or a tight-wad is not an attractive quality.
  5. Faith. This doesn’t mean having faith in any particular God or religion; it relates more to being faithful to promises you have made, and being reliable so that others can rightly have faith in you.
  6. Nobility. Don’t confuse this with being rich, posh or snobby; today, it’s about sticking to your convictions, even if there is nobody watching.
  7. Hope. Be an inspiration to all those around you, always able to see the silver lining or the light at the end of a tunnel.

If you follow these knightly virtues, you’ll be a better man and will have no problems finding a good woman — one who will respect and honour you, as you deserve.