Quick Tips for Good Sex

You may be the one who’s always being treated like a King in bed. Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to have a sexy lady dote on you, but wouldn’t you like to surprise your beautiful London escort next time when she comes around with your new knowledge? Sure, it’s nice to just lie back and let her do all the work, but sometimes when you’re feeling confident it’s nice to engage and to take control as well. Perhaps you have a wife or girlfriend you want to impress, putting your skills into practice. Here are some quick tips to better sex, which your other half will definitely appreciate!

Create a sexual atmosphere; anticipation can be very powerful. While you’re waiting for your beautiful lady to arrive, get clean, change into in an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself, light some candles or play soft music to create an atmosphere that’s romantic and erotic, so when she arrives she’s going to get really turned on by you.

Take your time. Try to take things slowly, even when you feel so horny that you almost can’t wait any longer. Start with a slow tempo during intercourse; it will make you last for longer and it’ll make the whole experience more enjoyable for both of you.

Explore her whole body. Foreplay is fun, and shouldn’t be rushed through. If you want to get her really warmed up, you should spend at least 20 minutes on this. Touch her everywhere, explore her entire body using your hands, mouth and tongue to make her shiver, falling under your magic spell. Listen to her body language so that you know what feels good, and you’l find that you tune into her rhythm.

Fulfil your fantasies. Don’t be afraid to ask her to dress up for you, and also ask her what her ultimate fantasies are. It’s important to be involved in the role play too. You can both dress up sexily for each other, which will make the experience a lot more interesting than just straightforward sex. It will be new and exciting, introducing a new element to your bedroom play.

Say it out loud; try to communicate during sex. Talk dirty, tell her what you like and what you don’t like, and also ask her what she enjoys the most. You should be expressive and honest to make sure that you get the most enjoyment possible out of it. Plus, sometimes by saying things out loud you’ll intensify the whole experience. You might be a little bit shy at first, but start of with some gentle encouragement and you’ll find it starts to come naturally.

With all these ingredients, your sex will be explosive!