Is Romance Dead?

Before the days on online social networking, speed dating, mobile phones and instant messaging, it was much easier to be romantic. Love letters have slowly decreased in popularity, practically dying out in the last decade of the 20th century. Long phone calls have been replaced with texts in short hand, and instead of receiving a red rose, you’re more likely to find an e-card in your inbox.

Before the internet was in general use, men often didn’t get to see what their escort looked like before their date. In some ways it’s much better today as you can choose a girl who you know you will find attractive, but it takes away the mystery and anticipation that meeting a London escort once held. Now it’s all so planned meticulously; you can use a sat nav to get there, you can call her mobile if you’re running late and you can search the entire menu of the restaurant on the internet before you leave. Where’s the romance in that?

There’s nothing the same as receiving a token that you can feel and smell; a piece of paper, hand written with ink or sprayed with a scent. Kissed with lip stick and touched with your lover’s fingers. Something you can keep locked away somewhere safe and private, or can keep under your pillow as a reminder. Although the words you write can be just as romantic via text message or email, these are all the things you miss out on. It doesn’t take the same time or effort to use technology; the touch of a button doesn’t quite show the same effort or emotion as sending something via the post, a messenger or even a carrier pigeon!

If you want to bring romance back to life, forget flowers and chocolates. You can pick those up from a petrol station shop! Instead, do something for your lover that shows how much time and effort you’ve put in. Write her a heart felt letter telling her how you really feel, or if you can, write her a poem. Perhaps you have other creative talents you could use instead – perhaps you could paint her a picture or frame a meaningful photo. If she points something out in a shop window, especially something hand made or antique that will be a one off, take note. If you go back and buy it for her as a surprise, she will be so touched that you’ll be in her good books for weeks!

Some escorts in the UK wooed over candle lit dinners, but make sure the ladies don’t get neglected – they all need a bit of romance in their lives.