Saying the Right Things

We’ve all been there; the moment when your other half asks that dreaded question… “Does my bum look big in this?” You’d think that there’s only one safe answer, but women can be very fickle. And you know that not all ladies have a behind as fine as our £110 escorts! When no means yes, maybe means no and yes means maybe, girls are difficult to fathom. Sometimes they corner you by asking a direct question, leaving you like a rabbit caught in the headlights with no idea what the right answer is. It might be easy to answer automatically, but there are a few examples that should never be strayed from (whatever you actually think). The truth could land you in a lot of trouble!

Example 1 (the classic): “Does my bum look big in this”?

Never, ever say yes, and don’t hesitate for a moment – unless you’re looking for a divorce or a dumping. If you genuinely can’t see anything wrong with her outfit, she may just be feeling a bit insecure and need some reassurance. Try saying “Not at all darling, you look gorgeous”. If it actually is quite unflattering on her, say something tactful like “Of course not sweetheart, but I love you in that green dress you had on earlier”. Both these responses should keep you out of the dog house. If she continues to question you and pick faults in your response, she is probably trying to provoke you, so the best advice we can give you there is to extract yourself from the situation to prevent an argument. Don’t just walk out of the room, but suggest making a cup of tea or excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. You know your partner best, so try to judge whether she needs a confidence boost or is just attempting to antagonise you.

Example 2: “What do you think of [insert her female friend’s name]?”

Carefully does it; this could be tricky. Some women like to test their boyfriends, and what they’re really trying to discover is whether or not you fancy their friend. Whatever you do, don’t comment on her physical appearance: saying “she’s pretty” will get you into as much trouble as saying “she’s a pig”! Either one of these responses would offend your girl, so you should stick to commenting on the friend’s personality only. It’s good to be honest if you find her friend a bit annoying or catty, but try to play it down so you’re not blatantly insulting her. But if you think she’s lovely, play that down too; it’s best to keep a neutral response and not be overly enthusiastic either way. Good points to comment on are her sense of humour, interests and her boyfriend if she has one – try to steer the topic away from the girl.

Example 3: “Do you like my parents?”

This one is difficult unless you only have good things to say Generally, follow the rules from above and keep your response neutral to positive. Be respectful when answering this question, and remember that her parents are precious to her – even if they’re a complete nightmare!