Is She Really Miss Right?

So you’ve met an amazing girl. She’s everything you’ve been hoping for: beautiful, clever, kind and funny. And the best thing is, she feels the same way too! This isn’t just time bought with a London escort, it could be the real thing. However, take a step back for a moment before you get too carried and ask yourself – is this woman Miss Right?

There are certain situations you may find yourself in where the woman of your dreams might not be suitable, though the danger signs are easy to ignore when you’re blinded by love.

The first warning is if she’s a close friend. How long have you known each other? If it’s been years, there must be a reason why you’ve never thought about it before. It can be all too easy to confuse friendship with something more when you’re single and looking for love. When you crave companionship and want to be in a relationship, she might be the first person you think of. But does she feel the same way? And is it worth risking your friendship for a whim that might be way off the mark? If you have to persuade yourself at all that you’re right for each other, you’re probably not. Only go down this road if it happens naturally and she’s all you can think about.

If you work together, things could get messy. This is especially true if there’s an imbalance of power and one of you is the boss – this could carry over into your relationship. There’s also office rules so you could end up getting fired, and you know that colleagues will gossip! If you’re really serious about her, establish that she feels the same way first then see if either of you can transfer to another department so you’re not directly working together.

Some women are simply off limits, for example your friend’s ex girlfriend or wife. Even if they broke up years ago and don’t even talk, you need to consider whether or not it is worth losing your friend over – because there’s a large chance that you will. They are bound to get jealous and see it as a betrayal; even if they only dated for a few months it’s not a good idea. Just don’t look and don’t touch if you want to keep your mates.

There are numerous other factors – long distance between you, a large age gap, a reputation of her being a cheater or a gold digger… just try to keep your wits about you before you fall head over heels!