Subdue Your Paranoia

Say you get a telephone call from your girlfriend saying something along the lines of “I’ve got to stay late at the office.” If you’ve ever watched a film featuring an affair, you will know that this is a well tested method of gaining some free time to do affair-ish things with.

However, should you hear these dreaded words over the phone, do not begin to panic straight away. Remember that because it is the most overused time-buying line in the history of affairs, it is most likely that she will say something far more subtler if she wanted to cheat on you.

There are ways of telling if she is seeing someone else behind your back or not though. Often, suspicions are based less on facts and more on personal paranoia, but every so often, suspicions can be proven true. Below is a list of quirks and habits the cheating girlfriend will have.

While she might never use the ‘stay late at the office’ line, she will most certainly buy time to perform her sordid acts some other way. If suddenly you find her absent for no reason at times of day you normally know where she is, this might imply that she is having an affair. Do not jump to conclusions and write off one or two of these occasions, but if it becomes a regular occurrence you might want to look deeper into this.

If she comes back from one of these mysterious disappearances and is reluctant to give you a direct answer when you ask her where she has been, this might mean she has been doing something she does not want you to know about. Other symptoms of an affair include reluctance to look you in the eye and a desire to be alone.

At this point, you might want to start doing some sleuth work. Checking her phone or e-mails, as devious an act as it is, might dispense with your suspicions, or, should you find something incriminating, heighten them. If you do find something suspicious, such as a text message from Allen or Theodore saying “Thanks for last night baby” or “You were excellent sugar, same time next week?” then it might be time for you to confront her. It is then up to her to tell you the truth, and if she denies having an affair, this might require even more sleuth work on your part.

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