Tips to Impress the Ladies

Every bloke has a different idea on how to work the charm when it comes to the ladies. We also all know someone who reckons he knows it all – and claims to have women at his beck and call. However, in reality winning over the ladies is never that simple. Like us, ladies have different tastes – and sometimes we just aren’t what they are looking for. Saying this, there are definitely a few bases we can cover to give us the best possible chance when it comes to impressing the female sex.

You know that feeling when you see an average guy out and about with a stunning lady… and you think, how the hell did he get her? And then you think, why not me!? Well, there could be a number of reasons this guy has got so lucky – the gorgeous girl may even be one of the many high class escort girls in London. Or, the average Joe may have the gift of the gab – he may know exactly how to treat a lady.

So, bearing this in mind, I have decided to round together a basic list of tips which all of us guys can benefit from. Whether you are a singleton looking for a lovely lady, a jack the lad or in a long term relationship – these tips are definitely worth following:

  1. Thoughtfulness

Many women place thoughtfulness high in their list of desirable qualities of a potential boyfriend or lover. From my experience, it seems to be the little things that make the difference – for example, sometimes a simple cup of tea can win us a passionate kiss. There is also the obvious thoughtfulness which women like us to demonstrate, simple rules such as not checking out the hot blonde who has just passed us in the street, or remembering important dates such as birthdays. Little surprises are always a great way to gain brownie points, flowers and chocolates are classic winners and ‘really show that you care.’

  1. Dress to Impress

Whether we like it or not, and despite what some women say – what we wear can definitely be a crucial point when it comes to exciting the ladies. Most women (at least the ones we want to date) take great pride in their appearance, and often like a man to show that he cares too. However, the most important rule when it comes to sporting some new attire is to be comfortable. Women can see straight through guys who fake it – so don’t just dress to impress – dress to accentuate you. Pick what you like, clothes which suit your personality, yet are suitable and relaxing to wear are the best option. If you are still clueless, ask your sister or a female friend for advice.

  1. Be Tactile

Many women love us to be strong and confident – meaning we should take the opportunity to make the first move. Therefore, if the signals are all there, we need to response correctly, always acting in a warm and tactile manner. A simple touch of the hand over dinner, a comforting arm around a shoulder, or a relaxing back rub are always appreciated by the ladies. Body language is also extremely important, so make sure you relax – use your arms and body openly to add excitement when you speak. Enthusiasm is contagious, and a great way to start the evening on a positive note!

  1. Please her in Bed

So, you are lucky enough to get through the first stages and here you are about to do the deed with your lady. The pressure is mounting, you feel extremely horny – and extremely worried. After all, you have successfully got this far – you don’t want to blow it now (so to speak!) Being comfortable and relaxed is extremely important. Your girl will sense if you are on edge, and she too will begin to feel anxious. This is your time to take control, show her how much you care. Take your time, women love foreplay — be gentle and patient and really get to know her body. Also, be sure to pay attention to her reactions – this is your time to learn about what pleases her. You can utilise foreplay to gage a lot about her likes and dislikes. Always bear in mind that this is your chance to ensure you get a second opportunity to please her in bed!

  1. Practice makes Perfect

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