Tips For Talking Dirty

Have you always liked the idea of talking dirty in the bedroom, but are uncertain where to begin? Even in our modern era, it can often seem embarrassing to introduce a new element into our sex lives. The problem is that without fresh features in the bedroom – our sex lives can get very boring. It is an interesting figure that around 85% of our sex lives actually occur in our heads. I personally have one particular recurring fantasy which involves a curvy blonde busty escort. Our secret private fantasies are a huge part of our sexuality. Therefore dirty talk can often give us the much needed opportunity to explore some of these hidden desires. For a lot of people, one of the biggest appeal of dirty talking is the loss of control – the mindless way that we get so engaged in our sexual experience that we express exactly how we feel. I have recently practised and experimented with dirty talk, and once you learn to let go – it really feels great! Now that I believe I am a confident and sexy talker in the bedroom, I would like to share my tips. Because, believe me, sexy talk is well worth your while!

If you are shy or nervous, then start out slowly – and don’t worry, it really isn’t hard to get the hang of! There may be quite a bit of giggling to begin with, but carry on and have fun with it. Whisper questions into your lovers ear, like “Do you like dirty talk in bed?” or “What would you do if I started talking dirty?” This should really break the ice, and get the notion into her head, making it comfortable for you to continue. Remember that it is important to deliver the words in a soft sexy tone, the idea is to turn her on rather than make her laugh. Make your needs known, and respond to your girl, if you think she’s enjoying something then ask her in a controlled and confident manner. Something like: ‘Yeah, does that feel good?” Don’t worry about running out of words or not knowing what to say. Express how you feel in the heat of the moment, and you will see how easily the dirty words flow. Most women love dirty talk as much as we do, so she will soon respond to your efforts.

If you are a little nervous, then why not start by reading her an erotic story? There are lots of erotic writers around, and many women’s magazines have erotic sections. Many women like the thrill of erotic fiction, and even if it doesn’t lead to sex, you are sure to have some fun together. If you’re lady is quite reserved why not try a classic Mills and Boon novel, which is still erotic fiction but with a strong element of romance. Hopefully after a bit of spicy erotica, your lady will be in the mood for some real action. If she has responded well to the fiction, then use this as an opportunity to explore dirty talk further. But remember, some women will not be cool with being referred to as a “dirty slut” in the bedroom. However, saying this, I have found that there are definitely a few ladies who get off on it. Just make sure that you judge the situation, and the type of girl you are with, before diving head first into a stream of offensive words.

Another option, which will really surprise her and make her feel special, is to learn a few sexy lines in a different language. As English is not the most romantic sounding language, you could use the Internet as a tool for learning a little of a more sexy sounding language. Spanish, French and Italian all sound sensual – and having words spoken to you in different language during sex can be a real turn on. You don’t even need to worry about getting the content spot on – the way you deliver the words is so much more important.

So remember, the key to successfully talking dirty in the bedroom takes practice, and the real tip is perseverance. If you want to practise your communication in preparation for the real thing, then you could always book a London escort to help you on your way!