Tolerating Chick Flicks

If you’re going on a date to the cinema, it’s a good idea to choose you film carefully. You want something that could stir some romance, but also something that you’ll both enjoy. It’s not the same as going with a group of lads – the girl you go with will appreciate it if you take her tastes into account and don’t just go for something you like the look of. At the same time, there’s no point letting her choose something that you know you’ll detest; it’s all about compromise.

If your girl’s into horror, this genre can be a good date choice. She’ll probably get scared at some points and look to you for comfort; This gives you an opportunity to prove how manly you are and protect her from the ghouls on screen. If she retreats into your chest or shoulder, put a comforting arm around her and make your move that way.

Comedy can be good, but it depends what kind of mood you’re trying to set. You’ll probably both enjoy it, but it might be best saved for when you know each other a bit better. Guffawing isn’t the best prelude to love making… London escorts prefer to be taken to see something with a sexy undertone – sometimes thrillers are good, but don’t go overboard on the action if you want to keep your date happy.

If you can manage a chick flick, your date will probably be very grateful. A Rom Com will probably be easier for you to digest, and you can warm up to her during the slushy scenes by touching her knee or squeezing her hand. She will think you’re a romantic, which will win you brownie points.

Here are some current releases that you might be considering:

500 Days of Summer = Recommended

This film is a quirky romantic comedy which deviates from the usual formula. Men have reportedly enjoyed it just as much as women, so this is a winning choice. The sense of humour will keep you entertained, while the love story will hold your date’s attention.

The Time Traveller’s Wife = One for the Girls

This one is a real tear jerker. First of all, you don’t want a runny nosed girl who’s embarrassed about her running mascara. Second of all, you don’t want her to catch you crying! If you do enjoy heart breaking love stories, it may be a good idea to watch this one alone and let her go with her girlfriends.