Ways to Attract Women

If you were born blessed with the looks of Brad Pitt, you probably don’t have a problem attracting women. All you need to do is walk into a room, take a seat and wait for the girls to fall at your feet. Congratulations to you, but sadly not all of us have been this lucky! Most guys have to make an effort, using different techniques to lure the ladies. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to attract women, here are a few to get you started.

Get in touch with your musical side. If you play an instrument, sing or dance will, you’ll suddenly notice a lot more interest from the opposite sex! You could even unlock a talent you never knew you had. Women go barmy for guys on stage, so have some music lessons and see if you can get a spot in a local band. Try out a few different styles; there’s rock, pop, jazz and blues… although singing falsetto in the church choir probably won’t be the biggest turn on for them! As soon as she sees you performing like a rock star, she will want a piece of you – regardless of what you look like.

Similarly, dancing really impresses girls; if they see good moves on the dance floor, they will assume that you’re great in bed! Generally, any style works: salsa, ballroom, street or jive. As long as you do it in the right environment (don’t try to tango in a night club), she’ll set her sights on you along with all the other ladies in the room. If you don’t have any rhythm whatsoever, there are other skills you can use.

Speaking another language can make a girl swoon. Perhaps you already do – but have you ever used this to score points with the opposite sex? Women find it a real turn on to hear something like French, Italian or Spanish. These languages sound romantic and exotic. You could invest in a learning set (usually a book and a tape/CD) to brush up on whichever language you learned at school; even knowing a few key phrases could get you far!

Even if they claim to be feminists who don’t need a man, most women heat up when they see you doing something ‘manly’; learn to fix a car, put up a shelf and take out a huge spider. Tasks like this will show her what a great provider and protector you can be, appealing to her biological desires!

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